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RUBBISH! The Archaeology of Garbage

This video unearthed from the distant mid-1990s gave a clear, unambiguous message we have failed to heed.  Material destined for a landfill is not degrading.  It is not supposed to degrade.  That would release methane and poison groundwater.  When given a choice between recycling and any form of biodegradable benefit, know that the FTC and the State of California have clearly stated:

  • Items destined for landfills, incinerators, or recycling facilities will not degrade within a year, so unqualified biodegradable claims for them shouldn’t be made.
  • Marketers who claim a product is a compostable need competent and reliable scientific evidence that all materials in the product or package will break down into — or become part of — usable compost safely and in about the same time as the materials with which it is composted.
  • The landfill is not a composting facility.


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