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Insulated Shipping Solutions

What is Insulated Packaging?

As e-commerce services continue to innovate and expand, more and more customers are receiving their medication, groceries, and treats in single use insulated packaging.  Brand owners no longer want to pollute with EPS Styrofoam coolers piling up in the landfill.  Exciting development in recyclable materials can now protect perishable items in the last-mile parcel delivery systems like UPS and FedEx from both unhealthy temperatures and breakage.  Some products line the inside of a corrugate box to transform it in to a cooler.  Others are padded envelopes packed with highly insulative memory foam or bubblewrap.  


What is Cold-Chain?

Cold-chain is a highly specialized niche dedicated to finding the best compromise between cost and efficacy.  Only by understanding the science of materials, nature of recycling and composting profit motives, dimensional weight calculation and compliance requirements can a customer confidently utilize the right solution.

We must predict and avoid all potential crises before the product is used to ship anything.  Exhaustive in-house and 3rd-party testing along with the most experienced minds in the business make sure the feedback from the marketplace is positive.  No brand wants to have their end-user questioning their social responsibility. Build a trust that lasts.

We do everything we can to save our environment from laziness.  Most manufacturers of EPS alternatives lay on thin ice of unchallenged greenwashing.  Some utilize recycled denim content and tell end-users to toss it in the garbage, guilt free.   They ignore the fact landfills are meant to prevent decomposition so there is little difference between EPS and a banana peel once it reaches the dump.  We provide real green solutions supported by the existing profit-driven cycle.

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You need to be sure that your perishable item makes it safely to your customers.  You know the risk of failure: Spoiled food and dangerous medication that could do harm.  One the other hand, you need to minimize costs and reduce packaging waste.  We work with you and your accredidation agencies to develop an optimal compromise between cost and performance.  We utilize industry-standard 7E ISTA testing.  We evaluate lane data and shipping conditions.  Let us help you with this thermal insulation puzzle!  

Picture of EPS (Styrofoam) Coolers

EPS (Styrofoam) Coolers

Our Molded expanded polystyrene foam boxes are commonly usedfor shipping temperature-sensitive products ranging from highly valuable clinical lab specimens to perishable herbs and frozen seafood products. Economical, durable, lightweight, and CFC free, suitable for domestic and high volume shipments.
Picture of DURAShield Insulated Box Liners

DURAShield Insulated Box Liners

This bottom gusseted 3D liner is manufactured with flexible metallized bubble insulating materials that provide high-efficiency thermal protection for a wide range of packaging applications.
Picture of DURAShield Metallized Bubble Envelopes

DURAShield Metallized Bubble Envelopes

Durashield pouches and envelopes allows you to adapt to shipping variables while lowering costs. Our strong, thin, and leak-proof material retards all forms of heat transfer to achieve excellent insulation value while saving space and money!
Picture of Gel Ice Packs

Gel Ice Packs

Our cost-effective standard gel pack can be used in ambient, refrigerated, or frozen temperatures. The non-toxic gel concealed in the pack is decomposable but also freezes solid. The heat-sealed polyethylene wrapper provides a reusable and durable refrigerant - which is ideal for protecting temperature sensitive products in various industries.
Picture of Kangaroo 3D Box Liner

Kangaroo 3D Box Liner

All the benefits of our Kangaroo Mailer with greater capacity! Our Kangaroo 3D Box Liner is provided compressed (optional) and packed flat. Pierce to allow the foam to inflate and line the inside of a standard RSC carton!