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3PL (Third-Party Logistics)

Managing the delivery of thousands of temperature sensitive packages is a complicated task, even for the largest and most experienced fulfillment companies. Thermal Shipping Solutions (TSS) can provide the correct packaging to increase efficiency and improve profitability no matter the complexity of the logistical challenges.

Beyond performance, TSS works with you to optimize your package design and size in order to minimize your outbound priority shipping expense.  Our nationwide supply network reduces inbound delivery leadtimes and associated freight costs.

You need to be sure that your perishable item makes it safely to your customers.  You know the risk of failure: Spoiled food and dangerous medication that could do harm.  One the other hand, you need to minimize costs and reduce packaging waste.  We work with you and your accredidation agencies to develop an optimal compromise between cost and performance.  We utilize industry-standard 7E ISTA testing.  We evaluate lane data and shipping conditions.  Let us help you with this thermal insulation puzzle!  

Picture of Kangaroo 3D Box Liner

Kangaroo 3D Box Liner

All the benefits of our Kangaroo Mailer with greater capacity! Our Kangaroo 3D Box Liner is provided compressed (optional) and packed flat. Pierce to allow the foam to inflate and line the inside of a standard RSC carton!
Picture of Kangaroo Mailer

Kangaroo Mailer

These insulated envelopes contain compressed, self-expanding foam that inflates when punctured, creating a form-fitting enclosure that protects and thermally insulates fragile and perishable items. Simply pierce the outer film of the foam expansion mailer and watch it expand to its original size.